CPD for teachers with a difference!

Learn how to write Python computer code for your lessons

1:1 with a mentor.

From July 2017 to June 2018

Many of you will have by now started to take up and complete training courses for computer programming. You may have learned a lot but also may have come away not quite sure exactly how to do a certain task. This element of uncertainty is not good and does not give you the confidence to try a new approach or teaching method in your classroom.


The ability to teach and communicate information to children on a particular subject is something you have all spent years perfecting and are very good at doing. We do not want to tell you how to teach a Computer Science. We want to help you to become more confident in writing computer code and programs, debugging and compiling. The more confident you are with writing code the less you will use a book and teaching code will become easier and more natural.


We understand that many of you are not Computer Science trained and you are, in this subject area, a non-specialist. Our Mentors are currently working in industry and have spent many years coding in a variety of programming languages and working within multi disciplinary teams. They regularly work within teams where the requirements are being set out by non-technical individuals. The Mentors need to communicate the fundamentals and structure of the coding is essential for the set of requirements to become a working computer program.

Course Structure

  • ½ day of learning and meeting the mentors. 

  • 6 hours of face time with a mentor between July 2017 to 30th June 2018. This can be either 1:1 or groups up to 1:4. When the mentoring hours are used is entirely controlled by yourself and the mentors availability.

  • The overall cost includes up to 6 hrs of mentoring per course. Additional mentoring hours can be purchased.

  • The primary programming language of this course is Python. However, if you have need to learn another programming language then please ask so we can provide the knowledge you require.

½ day time table

  • Arrival & Sign in, tea & coffee -  12.30pm to 1.00pm
  • Fundamentals of Python - 1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • Informal Introduction to the Mentors, tea & coffee - 3.00pm to 3.15pm
  • Ask a Mentor – you bring along a problem/question and ask a mentor for help - 3.15 to 4.45pm
  • Course administration - 4.45pm to 5.00pm

½ day to be held in York

6 hours of mentoring with an industry professional mentor

The pace, time duration and content will be dictated by yourself. It can be at a pace for you to stay one step ahead of the children you are teaching or a block of hours enabling you to create your teaching material whilst working with the mentor.


These sessions can be used any time between July 2017 and 30th June 2018. A mentoring session can be held at a location and time suitable to you and your mentor. If you find it difficult to arrange a face to face meeting then a Skype 1:1 meeting can be arranged.

Cost £830.00

If you are intereseted in Learning to code Python please complete this forma and you will contacted directly

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